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‘Everybody Needs a Rock’ by Byrd Baylor

‘Everybody Needs a Rock’

by Byrd Baylor

In a poetic form that is easy for children to read, Byrd Baylor explains the importance of having a good rock as a friend. Baylor lists 10 rules to follow for finding a good rock, such as to not worry, to find the right size and color, and to choose the rock alone. This story if full of whimsy and will have children giggling as they follow along with Baylor’s simple wording and personable tone. Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers.


‘Jimmy the Greatest’ by Jairo Buitrago

‘Jimmy the Greatest’

by Jairo Buitrago

Jimmy, a young man from Latin America, decides to remain in his small hometown after traveling to a big city. In the only gym in town, Jimmy learns to box, getting inspiration books about Muhammad Ali. Jimmy becomes “the greatest,” but realizes that he does not need big city fame to remain that way. This book will appeal especially to young boys, and teaches children that being great does not necessarily mean fame. Published by Groundwood Books.


‘The Treasure’ by Uri Shulevitz

‘The Treasure’

by Uri Shulevitz

This book by the award-winning Uri Shulevitz follows Isaac after he dreams three times of a voice telling him that he will find treasure beneath a bridge by the Royal Palace. When Isaac arrives at the Royal Palace in the capital city, he learns that the treasure to make him rich had been in his own home all along. Isaac’s journey is simply told in short sentences with striking illustrations that children will enjoy in this re-telling of a classic folktale. Published by Berryville Graphics.


‘Lightship’ by Brian Floca


by Brian Floca

With beautiful illustrations of the sea, Brian Floca explains the role of one lightship, which remains all year round in one spot in the ocean. In any situation, this lightship doesn’t move from her spot, having the role of guiding other ships safely through dangerous weather conditions. This book is written in a rhythmic language that children will find easy to follow along with. Published by Richard Jackson.

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