Triple Threat: Dinner table conversation

The Steuer family faces interesting dinner-time discussions

Do you remember the game called ‘Twenty Questions?' If you have ever been around young children, you know there's a phase where their favorite question is “why?”

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New Mom Notes: Two blue lines

The countdown begins for the arrival of Baby Gallagher

A common adage advises us that whenever life closes a door, it also opens a window. This past July, a prime example of this came to me in the form of a pregnancy test I took at my workplace.

Grandma's Got Gigs: Never let it go

The grandmas discuss the importance of family

Idina Menzel belts out “Let it go, let it go,” and although John Travolta may not know her name, we do.

The Family Chow: Family is the spice of life

A review of Persian Bite in Schenectady

While browsing the internet for our next Family Chow food adventure, we came across a new restaurant that offered “a place where we may learn from one another by sharing stories of love and friendship." We were intrigued by the mission statement, along with the chance to sample an unfamiliar cuisine.

Acorn Advice: Helping kids focus

The mother of a first-grader asks how to help her child stay focused in school

Help! My child is really struggling in school this year with paying attention and getting his work completed.

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Triple Threat: Seven years in the making

Jennifer Steuer reminisces as her triplets turn seven

Being a mom has taken me on some pretty strange journeys. Being the mom of triplets has helped me take others on my journey.

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Grandma's Got Gigs: Give time, not money

Spending time with little ones is irreplaceable

Some grandparents are caregivers and see their grandchildren on a regular schedule. Others see their grandchildren when they can.

The Family Chow: A favorite dish is found again

A review of Namu Korean BBQ

The Family Chow finds a local restaurant serving one of Mom's favorite dishes enjoyed during pregnancy.

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The Family Chow

Sushi Tei earns the praise

The Family Chow’s latest food adventure took us to the island nation of Japan via a small strip mall on Western Avenue.

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Triple Threat: The challenges and rewards of parenting triplets in the Capital District

More cousins = more fun

“Cousins! Cousins! Cousins!” This is the chant I hear from my kids on most afternoons. “When do we get to see the cousins again?”

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On the Bookshelf

Turn the page on a new adventure

Read your May away.

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Grandma's Got Gigs ... and gigabytes too!

A child's garden story

It is hard to imagine my grandma as a baby, but she has the pictures to prove it. One picture shows her as a little girl standing next to a very tall beanstalk, which is climbing up a string leaning on the house where she grew up.

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On the Bookshelf

Explore the earth with a story

Great reads for spring.

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Let's Cook!

No-bake cake a cool treat for Mom

Spring is finally here, and along with fresh air, my family is picking fresh fruit to share for a little no-bake Mother’s Day fun.

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Triple Threat: The challenges and rewards of parenting triplets in the Capital District

Tough choices, times three

When you have triplets (or a litter as my daughter now calls them), there are so many decisions that need to be made and so little time to really make them.