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Triple Threat

Manners Matter

Teaching kids manners is something that doesn’t happen in one conversation. Manners happen when your kids see how you behave and how others behave. Certain situations are easy enough to prepare kids for: dinner time, elevators, and the ‘magic’ word please. What about the situations that may not be all ...

Triple Threat

Olivia, My Superstar!

My oldest daughter, Olivia, has been my biggest challenge. She can be a little dramatic and afraid of pain. Olivia likes to see medical things happen and does not run away at the sight of blood. Her ‘baby’ sister, Rebecca, lost her first tooth during her tonsillectomy in October. Olivia ...

Triple Threat

My Outspoken Daughter

About eight years ago I was crossing the street minding my own business when I overheard a mom trying to stop her daughter from pointing and asking a question. “Mom, why isn’t that lady walking in the crosswalk?” That lady was me, I was not in the crosswalk and her ...

Triple Threat

Summer is Almost Here!

This is the end and the beginning of so much this week. My trio has started their very last week of kindergarten. Our second summer vacation is approaching so fast and the kids and I have talked about what we are going to do and where they want to go. ...

Triple Threat

How Did I Get Here?

Many times in recent days I have looked around my life and wondered aloud: How did I get here? Where is here you might be asking yourself. I am 40, remarried with triplets, being a stay at home mom (sort of) and really enjoying my life. Being forty is fun. ...

Triple Threat

A New Addition To My Family

In May I wrote about my kids’ joy of spending time with their cousins and how this did my heart good. The weekend of Mother’s Day we had a family reunion of sorts for the baby shower for my sister’s family. This is baby three for my sister. Janet is ...

Rated G for Great: A mother of two with family fun places for you

Camping With Kids- Yes You Can Have a Great time!


Triple Threat

DIY: Teaching My Daughter to Pray

My family has gone to religious services together since the triplets were two months old. Every Friday night our family would attend evening Shabbat services, taking up an entire aisle and lots of foot space for awhile. We believed that by starting early with the kids they would learn appropriate ...

Triple Threat

A Vow to My Son

To get married you need a license. To own a dog (legally) you need a license. When you get married you make vows and promises to one another…for example, in sickness and in health. To have a child most people can just get pregnant and have a baby. This child ...

Rated G for Great: A mother of two with family fun places for you

The Crossings of Colonie- More to offer than you might think


Rated G for Great: A mother of two with family fun places for you

New blog coming!

Check back for new Parent Pages' blogger Wendy Diefendorf's tips for family-friendly fun in the Capital District!

Triple Threat

I Broke My Child

We joke in my family about going to the emergency room. I do not think a day has gone by when I have not said at least once “I don’t care what happens. We are NOT going to the emergency room! I will stitch or staple it myself.” I know ...

Triple Threat

What I Did on my Spring Break

We didn’t go anywhere on vacation, other than the doctor’s or grocery stores. We got allergy shots, we bought groceries, and we went to the playground. Harlan had to work so the kids were all mine! Getting back in to the groove of the kids being home all day was ...

Triple Threat

Confessions From This Stay At Home Mom

I am the triplet’s mom. I am Harlan’s wife. I am Sue’s daughter. I am the one who answers the phone and makes sure all the RSVPs are done on time and the bills are paid. I am all these things and I am also me. Who is ‘me’ these ...

Triple Threat

Divide and Conquer

A family of multiples making the best of a tough situation.

Triple Threat

I Am Part of A Sandwich

A triplet Momma who takes care of her momma too.


The One And Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate 300 pages

'My life is flashing lights and uninvited...

Nutrition for a Healthy Family!

Think About Your Drink

When it comes to nutrition, not all beverages are created equal. Many drinks can contain added sugars, fat and even sodium. And, added calories from drinking these beverages can add up fast, making it a challenge to maintain a healthy weight. So before you take your next sip, stop and ...

Nutrition for a Healthy Family!

Gluten-Free BBQ Season!

BBQs are a hallmark of summer and grilling is a great way to cook quick and healthy meals. For people with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, keep the following tips in mind to enjoy BBQs the gluten free (GF) way! Prevent cross contamination: Gluten from previously cooked items can contaminate ...

Nutrition for a Healthy Family!

Grilling Guidelines: The How-To of Food Preparation

Now that summer has arrived, many family cooks prepare meals on the outdoor grill. So after you’ve dusted off your patio furniture and cleaned off your grill, try these simple steps to make your meals delicious and healthy. The most important thing to remember: when it comes to grilling, preparation ...

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